March 04, 2012

Must Watch Before You Die #26: 'The Godfather' (1972)

A film-buff who has not watched Francis Ford Coppola's 'The Godfather' is like a Catholic who has never read the Bible. It is one of the most accessible great films that has been acclaimed universally by critics and audiences alike, and has influenced several generations of film-makers all around the world. It is also widely considered as one of those rare films which do justice to its literary source.

Watch it for its brilliant performances. Watch it for its unforgettable characters. Or just watch it for its amazing score. 'The Godfather' is definitely a must-watch-before-you-die film. It is a must-watch-several-times-before-you-die film.

I watched it for the second time a couple of days ago. PVR is screening great films every Thursday across several cities in India. Click here to follow it on Facebook. Every Wednesday I SMS at least 50 people in Mumbai and inform them about the screening next day. Please spread the word if you can. This is an initiative we must encourage, especially if you are repeatedly disappointed with the modern releases.


  1. The very first line caught my deeper nerves, not only because the line was too beautiful to read, but also due to spirit it had for the movie. Finally line with 'infinite' watch for the movie. Yes, The Godfather Trilogy is my all time favorite movie. I had watched it several time. Being a sincere movie watchers I'd like to make a sentence here that; The Godfather shouldn't not be watched randomly or in half or middle. If somebody who has't seen the trilogy and going to see after this blog post. Then they must have all 3 parts and then watch 1-2-3 sequence by not not interrupting this sequence by any other movie. Only then, this movie would be a forever bliss. Thanks for posting this movie as a Must Watch. I was thinking why you haven't has a post on this movie...

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